Teacher Supply Store

East Chapel Hill Rotary Teacher Supply Store

The East Chapel Hill Rotary Teacher Supply Store has provided over $200,000 in funding to local teachers since 2008. By working with The Chapel Hill- Carrboro Public School Foundation and Staples the teachers of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School system (CHCCS) are able to stock their classrooms with much needed supplies at no cost to them.

Educating our children is of the upmost importance and state funding is at an all time low.

Teachers are spending money from their own pockets to buy basic class supplies and teaching aids. We are here to help offset these expenses and need corporate and private donations to help.

The Teacher Supply Store fulfills two needs: it places basic and essential items at the teachers' disposal for free to help jump-start their year AND, perhaps, more importantly demonstrates to our teachers that the community cares about what they do and offers a very tangible morale boost to begin the school year off on a positive note. 

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