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The Scuttlebutt:  East Chapel Hill e-Bulletin
Friday, September 10, 2010

It was a wonderful early Fall afternoon in Chapel Hill on this Friday September 10, and for those fortunate enough to be in attendance we were greeted by our lovely Southern Sergeant at Arms, Lida Jo Coleman. Laahda, or Lider if you are a Yankee, presented an interesting discourse on southern name derivations and usage of nicknames such as Bubba or Boo or Boog. Thank you Laahda for your perspectives on the subject.

Much of the pre-meal table topics revolved around the Atlanta bus trip, and despite a hard fought loss at the hands of LSU, everyone who made the trip seemed to have a great time amongst their ECHR comrades. Again, much thanks goes out to Robbie Oakes and his crew for putting together a great “road trip”.

President Lee started the meeting on a somber note, informing the club that one of its own had passed away this week. Please all remember Doug Mitchell and his family during their time of loss. I personally knew Doug and his family well and will miss his great sense of humor and his laid back easy going demeanor. Please check the newspaper for more on arrangements but I believe that a service will be held on Tuesday, September 14 at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on East Rosemary St.

We were honored to have the District Governor designee, Rick Carnegie and his wife Gayle as our guests today and also Sergei Siminoff as a guest - slash  - speaker, from Siberia/Russia.

Bob page introduced our guest speaker Deborah Tippitt, Ph.D. who is a department head and professor down the road at Meredith College. Deborah offered some very interesting insights on her “generational research” which struck a particular relevant nerve with me since I have a 15 year old daughter who is a proud member of the Millennial Generation. We were introduced to the 6 generational categories starting with the G.I’s from 1901-1924 and ending with Generation Z, those born on or before 2003. Much attention was given to the Millennial Generation because it is the largest of all population categories and we are all having to deal with the strange and idiosyncratic personality traits that have been ingrained into this grouping of youngsters. The high tech world that these kids were born into has given way to a loss in interpersonal skills as evidenced by texting, emails and Facebook. On the flip side, despite some of the weird personality traits of this generation, they seem to be a positive, optimistic and confident sort of assemblage who are up to take on any task set before them with great energy and determination. So maybe I need to be a bit more understanding as my daughter is multi-tasking on the couch watching TV with her laptop and Blackberry, knowing that her Droid-like behavior will give way to a determined productive member of society…we can only hope!

Rotarian John Perry reporting

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